MrBeast Reveals Why He Wasn’t At Streamy Awards

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, did not attend the 2023 Streamy Awards, where he won two awards, including Creator of the Year. He revealed on Twitter that he was not able to attend because he was working on a new project.

“I couldn’t make it to the Streamys this year because I was working on a top secret project,” he tweeted. “But I’m so grateful for the Creator of the Year award! Thank you to everyone who voted for me.”

MrBeast is known for his expensive stunts and challenges on YouTube, and he has over 170 million subscribers. He has won the Creator of the Year award at the Streamys four times in a row.

In his absence, the award was accepted by his friend and fellow YouTuber, Jimmy Tatro. Tatro joked that he was “subbing in” for MrBeast, and he thanked the audience for voting for him.

MrBeast has not yet revealed what his new project is, but he has said that it will be “the biggest thing I’ve ever done.” He is also planning to return to the Streamy Awards next year.

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