New Open World Game Looks Like a Fusion of Spider-Man, GTA, and Genshin Impact

The new open world game Project: Mugen from NetEase Games does look like a fusion of Spider-Man, GTA, and Genshin Impact. The game’s trailer shows the player character swinging through a futuristic cityscape like Spider-Man, using motorbikes and other vehicles to get around like in GTA, and engaging in action-RPG combat with flashy special attacks like in Genshin Impact.

Project: Mugen is still in development, so it’s too early to say for sure how it will play out. However, the trailer has certainly generated a lot of excitement among gamers who are looking for a new open world game that combines the best elements of these three popular titles.

Here are some of the specific similarities between Project: Mugen and the games it is inspired by:

  • Web-slinging: The player character in Project: Mugen can swing from building to building like Spider-Man. This is a unique and iconic gameplay mechanic that allows players to quickly and easily traverse the game world.
  • Open world cityscape: Project: Mugen takes place in a large, open world city. This allows players to explore a variety of different environments, from bustling city streets to abandoned warehouses.
  • Action-RPG combat: Project: Mugen features action-RPG combat similar to Genshin Impact. This means that players will use a variety of different attacks, skills, and elemental abilities to defeat their enemies.
  • Vehicles: Project: Mugen will allow players to use vehicles to get around the city. This could include motorbikes, cars, and even flying vehicles.

Of course, Project: Mugen is not just a copy of these three games. It is its own unique game with its own unique identity. However, the similarities are clear, and they are sure to appeal to fans of all three titles.

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