New PlayStation Wireless Headset and Earbuds Announced

Sony has announced two new audio hardware accessories for the PlayStation 5: the Pulse Elite wireless headset and the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds.

The Pulse Elite headset is a high-end model that features custom-designed planar magnetic drivers, active noise cancellation, and a retractable microphone. It is priced at $149.99.

The Pulse Explore earbuds are a more affordable option that still offer high-quality audio and low latency. They are priced at $199.99.

Both headsets and earbuds will use PlayStation Link wireless technology, which will allow them to achieve low-latency, lossless audio. This means that gamers will be able to enjoy immersive audio without any lag or distortion.

The Pulse Elite headset and Pulse Explore earbuds are scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023.

Here are some of the key features of the two new headsets:

  • Pulse Elite wireless headset:
    • Custom-designed planar magnetic drivers for an audiophile-level listening experience
    • Active noise cancellation to block out ambient noise
    • Retractable microphone for clear voice chat
    • 20 hours of battery life
    • Wireless connection with low latency
  • Pulse Explore wireless earbuds:
    • High-quality audio with low latency
    • Comfortable, ergonomic design
    • IPX4 water resistance
    • 8 hours of battery life (with charging case)
    • Wireless connection with low latency

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