No Man’s Sky Bug Allows Player to Blow Up Friend’s Freighter With Them Inside

There is a bug in the Echoes update for No Man’s Sky that allows one player to blow up another player’s freighter, even if the other player is on board. This bug was first reported on Reddit, and it has been confirmed by Hello Games.

The bug works by having the player who wants to blow up the freighter land their ship on the freighter’s landing pad. Once they are on board, they can then use their ship’s weapons to attack the freighter. This will cause the freighter to take damage, and eventually it will explode.

The bug is particularly concerning because it can be used to grief other players. For example, a player could land on their friend’s freighter and then blow it up, destroying all of their belongings.

Hello Games is aware of the bug and is working on a fix. In the meantime, they have recommended that players avoid landing on other players’ freighters until the bug is fixed.

Here are some additional things to know about this bug:

  • The bug only works on player-owned freighters. It does not work on NPC freighters.
  • The bug can be triggered by any player, regardless of whether they are friends with the owner of the freighter.
  • The bug can cause the game to crash for the player who is on board the freighter when it is destroyed.

If you encounter this bug, you can report it to Hello Games by going to their website and submitting a bug report.

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