No Man’s Sky Players Are Loving the Cosmetics in the New Update

No Man’s Sky players are loving the cosmetics in the new update, Outlaws. The update added a variety of new cosmetic items, including new hairstyles, face paints, emotes, and clothing. Players are particularly excited about the new capes, which can be customized with a variety of colors and patterns.

In addition to the new cosmetics, the Outlaws update also added a new way to earn Quicksilver, the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetics. Players can now earn Quicksilver by completing daily and weekly challenges, as well as by participating in Expeditions.

The new cosmetics and the new way to earn Quicksilver have been well-received by No Man’s Sky players. Many players are enjoying the new ways to customize their characters, and they are also appreciating the increased opportunities to earn Quicksilver.

Here are some of the reactions from No Man’s Sky players about the new cosmetics:

  • “I love the new capes! They’re so stylish and they really add a touch of personality to my character.”
  • “The new face paints are amazing! I’m loving the new options for customization.”
  • “I’m so glad they added a new way to earn Quicksilver. It’s been a lot easier to get the cosmetics I want now.”
  • “The Outlaws update is the best thing that’s happened to No Man’s Sky in a long time. I’m loving all the new content, especially the cosmetics.”

Overall, the new cosmetics in the Outlaws update are a big hit with No Man’s Sky players. They are giving players more ways to customize their characters and they are also making it easier to earn the in-game currency needed to purchase cosmetics.

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