Overwatch 2 On Steam Has Overwhelmingly Negative Reviews

Overwatch 2 has an “overwhelmingly negative” user review rating on Steam. As of August 13, 2023, the game has over 50,000 reviews, with only 16% of them being positive.

The most common complaints about Overwatch 2 include:

  • The game is a free-to-play live-service game, which has led to concerns about monetization and a decrease in the quality of the game.
  • The game lacks content, with only a handful of new maps and heroes being available at launch.
  • The game’s PvP mode has been changed significantly, with some players feeling that it is no longer as fun or balanced as it was in Overwatch 1.
  • The game’s PvE mode is still in development and is not yet available.

It is important to note that these are just the most common complaints. There are also many players who are enjoying Overwatch 2, and the game has a positive overall rating on Metacritic. However, the negative reviews have been enough to give the game a very low rating on Steam.

It remains to be seen whether Overwatch 2 will be able to turn things around and improve its user review rating. The game is still in development, and Blizzard has promised to add more content and features in the future. However, it is clear that the game has had a rocky launch, and it will need to do a lot to win back the trust of its fans.

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