Pokemon Fan Creates Future Paradox Forms for Aipom and Meganium

A Pokemon fan created future Paradox forms for Aipom and Meganium. The fan, known as beyond_paldea on Instagram, shared their designs on social media in July 2022. The designs, named Iron Arms and Iron Neck, retain the original features of the Pokemon while incorporating high-tech metallic elements.

  • Iron Arms Aipom is a Steel/Normal-type Pokemon. It has a metallic tail and arms, and its hands are now robotic. Its fur is now a darker shade of brown.
  • Iron Neck Meganium is a Grass/Steel-type Pokemon. It has a metallic neck brace and horns, and its leaves are now a darker shade of green. Its eyes are now red.

The fan explained that they created the designs to imagine what Aipom and Meganium would look like in the future, in a world where technology has advanced even further. They said that they wanted to give the Pokemon a “cyberpunk” feel.

The designs were well-received by fans, who praised the creativity and originality. Some fans even asked the artist to create Paradox forms for other Pokemon.

It is interesting to note that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games feature a new mechanic called “Paradox Forms.” These are alternate forms of Pokemon that are said to come from a parallel universe. It is possible that the Iron Arms Aipom and Iron Neck Meganium could be considered Paradox Forms, as they are clearly different from the original Pokemon.

However, it is also possible that these are just fan-made designs and not official Paradox Forms. Only time will tell if we will see these Pokemon in the future.

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