Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive New Evolutions for Magikarp, Lapras, and Swanna

A Reddit user named JJonnie created new evolutions for Magikarp, Lapras, and Swanna. The Magikarp evolution is named Magikoi, a Water/Fairy-type that combines elements of koi fish and the yin and yang symbol.

The Lapras evolution is named Laprasian, a Water/Dragon-type that has a more draconic appearance.

The Swanna evolution is named Swannaloa, a Water/Flying-type that has a more majestic appearance.

JJonnie’s designs have been praised by fans for being creative and well-executed. They are a great example of how fans can come up with new and exciting ideas for Pokemon evolutions.

It is unlikely that these evolutions will ever be officially canonized by Game Freak, but they are still a fun way to imagine what new Pokemon could look like.

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