Pokemon Fan Designs Future Paradox Form for Raikou

A Pokemon fan named El-psy-congroo-01 has designed a future Paradox form for Raikou, called Iron Saber. The design is based on the idea of Raikou evolving into a more powerful form in the future, with futuristic elements such as glowing pink hair and metal plates. The design has been well-received by other Pokemon fans, who appreciate its creativity and originality.

Here are some of the key features of the Iron Saber Paradox form:

  • It is an Electric/Psychic-type Pokemon.
  • It has the ability Quark Drive, which boosts its power in certain kinds of terrain.
  • It has a glowing pink mane of hair.
  • It has metal plates on its body.
  • It is larger and more muscular than the original Raikou.

The artist who created the Iron Saber Paradox form has also provided some background lore for the Pokemon. They imagine that Iron Saber is a descendant of Raikou that has evolved to survive in a more technologically advanced world. The metal plates on its body help to protect it from harm, and its psychic abilities allow it to control machines.

The Iron Saber Paradox form is a creative and original take on the future of Raikou. It is a welcome alternative to the official Paradox form, which has been met with mixed reactions from fans.

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