Pokemon Fan Designs Incredible Paradox Form for Entei

There is a Pokemon fan who designed an incredible Paradox form for Entei. The fan artist, PhatmonMonstraros, created a triceratops-like design for Entei, which they named “Falling Ash.” The design is based on the idea that Entei is a Pokemon from the ancient past, and that its Paradox form would reflect its more dinosaur-like appearance.

The Falling Ash design is very detailed and realistic. The triceratops head is covered in flames, and the body is made of rock and lava. The artist also gave Entei a new set of abilities, including Ash Typhoon, Dragon Pulse, and Agility.

The Falling Ash design has been praised by many Pokemon fans. Some have even said that it is better than the official Paradox form for Raikou, Raging Bolt. It is unclear whether or not Game Freak will ever make the Falling Ash design canon, but it is certainly a popular fan creation.

Here are some of the features of the Falling Ash design:

  • Triceratops-like head with flaming horns
  • Rock and lava body
  • Ash Typhoon ability (80 Fire-type damage while airborne)
  • Dragon Pulse ability
  • Agility ability

The Falling Ash design is a very creative and unique take on a Paradox form for Entei. It is sure to be a popular fan creation for many years to come.

As for whether or not Paradox Pokemon are as strong as Legendaries, the answer is not clear. Some Paradox Pokemon, such as Miraidon and Koraidon, have very high base stat totals, but others, such as Walking Wake, have lower base stat totals. It is possible that the strength of a Paradox Pokemon depends on its time period. For example, a Paradox Pokemon from the ancient past might be weaker than a Paradox Pokemon from the future.

The strongest Paradox Pokemon is currently Miraidon, with a base stat total of 720. Koraidon is the second strongest, with a base stat total of 710. Walking Wake is the third strongest, with a base stat total of 680.

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