Pokemon Fan Designs Regional Variant for Wiglett

The fan art is by a Twitter user named Matratzfratz. They designed a regional variant of Wiglett that is a Grass-type Pokemon that buries itself in a wooden log instead of sand. The regional variant has a green body with brown spots, and it has a long, thin tail. It also has a pair of small, pointed ears.

Matratzfratz also designed a new regional evolution for Wiglett called Whacklett. Whacklett is a Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon that has a single body instead of three bodies like Wugtrio. It has a red body with green spots, and it has a large, spiked club that it carries around.

The regional variant of Wiglett is a very creative and well-designed Pokemon. It’s a unique take on the original Wiglett, and it fits in well with the Grass-type theme of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region. It’s a powerful-looking Pokemon that would be a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Game Freak sees this fan art and decides to incorporate it into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It would be a great addition to the game, and it would show that the developers are listening to the fans.

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