Pokemon Fan Makes Neat Jigglypuff Pinata for Their Son’s Birthday

A Reddit user named a91wmedic shared photos of the custom Jigglypuff pinata they made for their son’s birthday. The pinata is made of paper mache, streamers, and glue, and it features a grumpy-looking Jigglypuff. The user said that their son chose Jigglypuff as his favorite Pokemon, even though pinatas are meant to be hit and broken.

The user also added a hidden surprise inside the pinata: when the Pokemon is ultimately broken, several fart bombs will be triggered. This added a humorous element to the pinata, and it’s sure to make the birthday party even more memorable.

The post has been upvoted over 50,000 times, and many commenters have praised the user’s creativity and dedication. Some have even asked for the instructions on how to make their own Jigglypuff pinata.

The user said that they spent about a month assembling the pinata, and that it was their first time making one. They also said that they were inspired by other Pokemon-themed pinatas they had seen online.

The Jigglypuff pinata is a great example of how a little creativity and effort can go a long way. It’s sure to make any Pokemon fan’s birthday special.

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