Pokemon Fan Shows Off 6 Convergent Pokemon Designs

A Pokemon fan artist known as ashnain on Twitter recently shared six fan-made convergent Pokemon designs. Convergent Pokemon are Pokemon that evolve to have similar appearances despite not being closely related, similar to how real-world animals can evolve to have similar features in different environments.

The six Pokemon that inspired these fan-made convergent species are Forretress, Eiscue, Poliwrath, Ralts, Mudkip, and Nosepass. Each of these species features unique designs and Types different from their original inspirations.

Here are the descriptions of the six fan-made convergent Pokemon designs:

  • Fortreece (Dragon/Ice): A dragon-like Pokemon with a hard, armored shell. It is said to have evolved in a cold climate to protect itself from the elements.
  • Eissteel (Steel/Ghost): A ghostly Pokemon that resembles an ice sculpture. It is said to be the spirit of an Ice Pokemon that was trapped in ice and slowly turned to steel.
  • Polidark (Psychic/Dark): A Pokemon with a muscular build and a dark aura. It is said to be the evolved form of Poliwrath that has been corrupted by dark energy.
  • Raltsteel (Water/Steel): A mermaid-like Pokemon with a steel tail. It is said to be the evolved form of Ralts that has adapted to living in a harsh aquatic environment.
  • Mudblaze (Psychic/Fire): A Pokemon with a fiery mane and a psychic aura. It is said to be the evolved form of Mudkip that has harnessed the power of fire.
  • Nosferapt (Ghost/Bug): A bat-like Pokemon with a long, proboscis-like tongue. It is said to be the evolved form of Nosepass that has adapted to feeding on blood.

These fan-made convergent Pokemon designs are very creative and well-done. They show how the artist was able to take the original Pokemon designs and create new and unique creatures that are still recognizable as Pokemon.

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