Promenade – Official Release Date Trailer

Promenade is an upcoming 2D collectathon platformer game developed by Holy Cap and published by Red Art Games. It is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 23, 2024.

The game is set in a colorful and whimsical world where players control a young boy named Kid. The goal of the game is to repair the Great Elevator, which has been broken and scattered its cogs all over the world. To do this, Kid must explore the world, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies.

Promenade is inspired by classic 3D platformers such as Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country. It features a dynamic moveset that allows Kid to perform a variety of actions, such as jumping, swimming, and wall-climbing. The game also features a large world to explore, filled with secrets and collectibles.

Promenade is currently available for pre-order on Steam. It will also be available on the PlayStation Store and the Epic Games Store.

Here are some of the features of Promenade:

  • A colorful and whimsical world to explore
  • A dynamic moveset that allows you to perform a variety of actions
  • A large world filled with secrets and collectibles
  • Puzzles and enemies to challenge you
  • Inspired by classic 3D platformers

If you are a fan of 3D platformers, then Promenade is definitely a game to keep an eye on. It looks like it will be a fun and challenging game with a lot to offer.

Here are some other places where you can play PC games:

  • Origin
  • Epic Games Store
  • Uplay
  • Windows Store

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