Ravenswatch – Official Storm Island Teaser Trailer | gamescom 2023

The Ravenswatch – Official Storm Island Teaser Trailer was released on August 24, 2023 during the gamescom 2023 event. The trailer reveals that the next early access update for the game, Shores of Storm Island, will be available on September 7, 2023. The update will bring a new chapter to the game, as well as new talents and Nightmares.

The trailer opens with a shot of a stormy sea. A group of witches are standing on a cliff, looking out at the storm. One of the witches says, “Here we go. Passing storm. Let’s not stick around here too long.”

The trailer then cuts to a montage of gameplay footage. We see the witches fighting against various Nightmares, including a giant spider, a kraken, and a group of zombies. We also see the witches using new talents, such as one that allows them to summon a protective shield.

The trailer ends with the words “Shores of Storm Island. Coming September 7th.”

The Shores of Storm Island update is the second major content update for Ravenswatch. The first update, The Clockwork Tower, was released in June 2023.

Ravenswatch is a roguelike action game developed by Dotemu and Passtech Games. The game is set in a dark fantasy world and features a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players.

The game is currently available in early access on Steam. The full release is scheduled for 2024.

Here are some of the new features that will be included in the Shores of Storm Island update:

  • A new chapter: The Shores of Storm Island chapter will take players to a new location, the Storm Island. This island is home to a variety of new Nightmares, as well as new challenges.
  • New talents: The update will add a new set of talents for players to choose from. These talents will give players new abilities to help them fight against the Nightmares.
  • More Nightmares: The update will add a new variety of Nightmares to the game. These Nightmares will be more challenging than the ones that are currently in the game.

The Shores of Storm Island update is a significant addition to Ravenswatch. It will add new content, new challenges, and new ways to play the game. If you are a fan of roguelike action games, then you should definitely check out Ravenswatch when the Shores of Storm Island update is released.

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