Red Dead Redemption Player Shares Hilarious Hovering Horse Glitch

A Red Dead Redemption player shared a hilarious video of a glitch that caused their horse to hover in the air.

The video, which was posted to Reddit, shows the player riding their horse through the desert when the horse suddenly starts to levitate. The player tries to control the horse, but it is no use. The horse continues to hover in the air, unaffected by the player’s controls.

The player eventually gives up and dismounts the horse. The horse continues to hover in the air for a few seconds before eventually falling to the ground.

The glitch is likely caused by a bug in the game’s physics engine. It is unclear how the player was able to trigger the glitch.

The video has been shared thousands of times and has received many comments from amused viewers. Some viewers have joked that the horse is trying to fly, while others have suggested that the player is simply experiencing a case of “high horse syndrome.”

The glitch is a reminder that even the most realistic games can be susceptible to bugs. However, it is also a reminder that sometimes, these bugs can be hilarious.

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