Roommates is a visual novel adventure game developed by Winter Wolves and published by Ratalaika Games. It was released for Microsoft Windows on February 12, 2014, and has since been ported to other platforms, including Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

The game follows the story of Anne or Max, two college students who move into a shared dorm room. The player can choose to play as either Anne or Max, and their choices will affect the story and the relationships they form with the other characters.

Roommates is a light-hearted comedy game with a focus on romance. The game features five potential love interests for Anne or Max, each with their own unique personality and story arc. The player can choose to pursue a relationship with any of the love interests, or they can choose to remain single.

In addition to the romance subplot, Roommates also features a standard visual novel adventure game plot. The player must make choices that will affect the outcome of the story, and they must also complete tasks in order to progress.

Roommates is a well-made visual novel adventure game with a charming story and likable characters. The game is not without its flaws, such as some repetitive dialogue and a few plot holes, but overall it is a fun and enjoyable experience.

Here are some additional details about Roommates:

  • The game is set in a fictional college in the United States.
  • The player can choose to play as Anne, a book smart girl who is new to college, or Max, a rock god who is trying to make it big.
  • The game features five potential love interests: Dominic, Rakesh, Isabella, Sally, and Max.
  • The game has a light-hearted comedy tone, but it also deals with some serious topics, such as friendship, family, and identity.
  • The game is played in a visual novel format, with the player reading text and clicking on images to advance the story.
  • The game has a branching storyline, with the player’s choices affecting the outcome of the story.
  • The game takes about 5-12 hours to complete, depending on the player’s choices.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging visual novel adventure game with a focus on romance, then Roommates is a great option. The game has a charming story, likable characters, and a variety of endings to choose from.

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