Rugrats Gets New Video Game After 19 Years

A new Rugrats video game is coming after 19 years. It is called Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland and is being developed by Wallride Games and published by The MIX Games. The game is scheduled to be released in 2024 for PC, consoles, and the NES.

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland is a puzzle-platformer that pays homage to the NES era. It features 8-bit graphics and gameplay, but also has a HD mode that allows players to toggle on a smooth hand-drawn look. The game will feature single-player and two-player co-op modes, and will include cameos from beloved characters from the TV show, such as Angelica, Cynthia, and Spike.

In the game, players will help the Rugrats characters navigate through a variety of levels inspired by the show, such as the Pickles’ house, the playground, and Reptarland. They will need to solve puzzles, avoid obstacles, and defeat enemies in order to progress.

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland is the first in a multi-game partnership between The MIX Games and Paramount, which will see numerous Paramount IPs appearing in a series of “neo-retro games with classic mechanics built for today’s gamers”.

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