Rumor: Projects Based On Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Reportedly In The Works Pre-Strike

According to a rumor from insider MyTimeToShineHello, there were multiple projects based on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in development before the recent strike by the Writers Guild of America.

The projects reportedly included a movie trilogy, a TV show, and a video game. The movie trilogy was said to be set during the Old Republic era, and it would have been written by the team behind Game of Thrones. The TV show was said to be a prequel to the game, and it would have focused on the Mandalorian Wars. The video game was said to be a remake of the original game, and it would have been developed by Aspyr Media.

However, it is important to note that these are just rumors, and there is no confirmation that any of these projects are actually in development. The strike has also put a number of projects on hold, so it is possible that these Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic projects were also affected.

It is still possible that these projects will be revived in the future. The Star Wars franchise is still very popular, and there is a lot of demand for new content. If these projects are indeed in development, sure that fans will be excited to hear more about them soon.

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