Rumor: Wonder Woman Developer Could Be Working On Multiple DC Tie-In Games

There is a rumor that Monolith Studios, the developer of the upcoming Wonder Woman game, is working on multiple DC tie-in games. This rumor is based on a job listing for an Executive Producer at Monolith Studios, which states that the successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing all phases of development for multiple projects. The job listing also mentions experience with DC Comics franchises as a desirable qualification.

It is possible that the other DC games that Monolith Studios is working on are in the early stages of development, or that they are not yet ready to be announced. However, the fact that the studio is hiring an Executive Producer for multiple projects suggests that they are serious about expanding their DC portfolio.

Monolith Studios has a good track record with DC games. Their previous game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, was a critical and commercial success. The game’s Nemesis System, which allowed players to create unique relationships with their enemies, was praised by critics and gamers alike.

If Monolith Studios is able to replicate the success of Shadow of Mordor with their Wonder Woman game, then it is possible that they could be working on other DC tie-in games in the future. The DC universe is full of popular characters and stories, so there is no shortage of potential projects for Monolith Studios to work on.

Only time will tell if the rumors about Monolith Studios working on multiple DC tie-in games are true. However, the fact that the studio is hiring an Executive Producer for multiple projects is a good sign for DC fans. It suggests that Monolith Studios is committed to expanding their DC portfolio and creating new and exciting games for fans to enjoy.

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