Solar Flux

Solar Flux is a puzzle strategy game developed by Firebrand Games and published by Pixel Games UK. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and Nintendo Switch in 2013.

In Solar Flux, players take control of a Flux Accumulator ship, which is tasked with collecting plasma from dying suns and restoring them to health. The game is played on a grid-based map, and players must use their ship’s thrusters to move around and collect plasma. Plasma is scattered throughout the map, and it is often blocked by obstacles such as asteroids, supernovas, and force fields. Players must use their dexterity and problem-solving skills to navigate the map and collect the plasma.

In addition to collecting plasma, players must also avoid obstacles and enemies. Obstacles can damage the ship, and enemies can destroy it. Players must use their ship’s thrusters and weapons to avoid obstacles and enemies.

The game is divided into levels, and each level has a different objective. In some levels, players must collect a certain amount of plasma to complete the level. In other levels, players must destroy all of the enemies to complete the level.

Solar Flux is a challenging and rewarding puzzle strategy game. It is a great game for players who enjoy a challenge and who like to use their problem-solving skills.

Here are some of the features of Solar Flux:

  • Unique and challenging puzzle gameplay
  • A variety of obstacles and enemies to avoid
  • Multiple levels with different objectives
  • A variety of ship upgrades to purchase
  • A challenging and rewarding experience

If you are looking for a unique and challenging puzzle strategy game, then Solar Flux is a great option. It is a game that will test your dexterity, problem-solving skills, and reflexes.

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