Some Honkai: Star Rail Players are Disappointed by Version 1.3 Trailblaze Mission

Some Honkai: Star Rail players are disappointed with the new Trailblaze Mission added in Version 1.3. They are calling it “too short” and “lacking in content”.

The Trailblaze Mission is a main story mission that is supposed to take players about an hour to complete. However, some players have reported that it can be finished in as little as 15 minutes. This has led to complaints that the mission is not worth the time investment.

In addition, the Trailblaze Mission is not very challenging. Players have said that it is too easy to complete, even for new players. This has made the mission feel repetitive and boring for some players.

The disappointment with the Trailblaze Mission has led some players to compare Honkai: Star Rail to Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is another gacha game that is known for its long and engaging story missions. Players have said that Honkai: Star Rail needs to add more content and make its missions more challenging in order to compete with Genshin Impact.

The developers of Honkai: Star Rail have not yet responded to the complaints about the Trailblaze Mission. However, they have said that they are always working to improve the game. It is possible that they will make changes to the Trailblaze Mission in a future update.

In the meantime, players who are disappointed with the Trailblaze Mission can still enjoy other aspects of Honkai: Star Rail. The game has a variety of side quests, challenges, and events that can keep players entertained. Players can also collect characters and weapons to strengthen their teams.

Overall, Honkai: Star Rail is a promising game with a lot of potential. However, the Trailblaze Mission is a disappointment for some players. Hopefully, the developers will make changes to the mission in a future update.

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