Space for Sale – Official Closed Beta Announce Trailer | THQ Nordic Digital Showcase August 2023

The Space for Sale – Official Closed Beta Announce Trailer gives us a first look at the upcoming space simulation game Space for Sale. The trailer shows off the game’s colorful visuals, diverse alien clients, and in-depth economy system.

The trailer begins with a brief overview of the game, which tasks players with becoming the ultimate space entrepreneur by buying, developing, and selling celestial properties. Players will be able to explore uncharted territories, cater to the whims of a vast array of interstellar clientele, and master the art of cosmic trade.

The trailer then shows off some of the game’s key features, including:

  • Colorful visuals: Space for Sale features a vibrant and colorful art style that brings the game’s vast universe to life.
  • Diverse alien clients: Players will be able to interact with a diverse cast of alien clients, each with their own unique needs and preferences.
  • In-depth economy system: Players will need to master the game’s in-depth economy system in order to make a profit. They will need to buy low and sell high, and they will need to be aware of the market trends.

The trailer ends with a call to action, inviting players to sign up for the closed beta. Space for Sale is scheduled to be released for PC in 2023.

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