Splatoon 3 – Official Drizzle Season Release Date Trailer

The Drizzle Season for Splatoon 3 will start on September 1, 2023. The trailer for the new season was released on August 18, 2023, and it shows off some of the new content that will be available, including:

  • Two new stages: Crableg Capital and Shipshape Cargo Co.
  • Two new main weapons: the Dread Wringer and the Heavy Edit Splatling.
  • New gear, cards, and music.

The Drizzle Season will also introduce a new ranked mode called Clam Blitz. In Clam Blitz, two teams of four players compete to score the most points by depositing clams into their opponent’s basket.

The Drizzle Season is the first of four seasons that will be released for Splatoon 3. The next season, called the Frosty Fest, will start on December 1, 2023.

Here are some of the details about the new content that was shown in the trailer:

  • Crableg Capital is a city-themed stage with a large crab statue in the center. The stage is divided into two sections, with a bridge connecting them.
  • Shipshape Cargo Co. is a warehouse-themed stage with a large cargo ship docked at one end. The stage has multiple levels, including a catwalk and a loading dock.
  • Dread Wringer is a new sub weapon that shoots a stream of ink that can be used to trap opponents.
  • Heavy Edit Splatling is a new main weapon that fires a slow-moving but powerful stream of ink.

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