Star Trek: Prodigy Fans Fly Banner Over Streaming HQs To Save Series

Fans of the animated Star Trek series Star Trek: Prodigy have been campaigning to save the show after it was canceled by Paramount+ after one season. The show was a critical and commercial success, and many fans were disappointed by its cancellation.

In an effort to save the show, fans have started a petition on, which has over 33,000 signatures. They have also raised money to fly a banner over the headquarters of several streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. The banner reads “#SAVE STAR TREK PRODIGY.”

The show’s co-showrunners, Dan and Kevin Hageman, have expressed their gratitude to the fans for their support. They have said that they are committed to finishing the second season of the show, and they are hopeful that it will be picked up by another streaming service.

It is still too early to say whether the campaign to save Star Trek: Prodigy will be successful. However, the show’s passionate fan base is certainly giving it a fighting chance.

Here are some of the reasons why fans are so passionate about saving Star Trek: Prodigy:

  • The show is the first Star Trek series aimed at a younger audience.
  • It features a diverse cast of characters, including a non-binary protagonist.
  • It is a well-written and produced show that is both entertaining and educational.
  • It has the potential to introduce a new generation of fans to the Star Trek franchise.

Only time will tell whether Star Trek: Prodigy will be saved. However, the show’s fans are certainly doing everything they can to make it happen.

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