Star Wars: Ahsoka Premiere Beat The Mandalorian Season 3 In One Big Way

According to FlixPatrol, Ahsoka’s premiere episode has already beaten The Mandalorian season 3 premiere episode in viewership numbers within the first week of both series. The numbers are close, of course, with both series topping out at a score of around 660 for their respective time frames.

There are a few reasons why Ahsoka’s premiere may have been more successful than The Mandalorian’s. First, Ahsoka is a more popular character among Star Wars fans. She has been around since the Clone Wars animated series, and she has a large and dedicated following. Second, Ahsoka’s series is set in a more familiar time period, the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars. This makes it easier for fans to get into the story without having to learn a lot of new lore. Finally, Ahsoka’s series is more serialized than The Mandalorian. This means that each episode builds on the previous one, making it more engaging for viewers.

Of course, it’s still too early to say whether Ahsoka will be more successful than The Mandalorian overall. The Mandalorian has been a critical and commercial success, and it has already been renewed for a fourth season. However, Ahsoka is off to a good start, and it has the potential to be a major hit for Disney+.

As for whether or not Mando could beat Ahsoka, that’s a more difficult question to answer. Ahsoka is a very powerful Jedi, and she has a lot of experience fighting. Mando is a skilled warrior, but he is not a Jedi. However, Mando has the Darksaber, which is a powerful weapon that could give him an edge in a fight. Ultimately, it would depend on a number of factors, including the environment in which they fought and the strategies they employed.

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