Stardew Valley Fan Makes Impressive Cross-Stitch of Wizard’s Tower

A Stardew Valley fan known as natnav_ on Reddit recently shared their cross-stitch design of the Wizard’s Tower. The impressive art showed the tower in its summer form, with flowers blossoming on the vines of the building. Many of the details visible on the exterior of the in-game structure were included on the cross-stitch, such as the cone-shaped roof, telescope, and weather vein.

The cross-stitch is 11 inches by 14 inches and took natnav_ about 60 hours to complete. They used 16 count Aida cloth and DMC floss. The pattern was created by natnav_ themselves, and they have made it available for others to purchase on their Etsy shop.

The cross-stitch has been praised by other Stardew Valley fans, who have called it “beautiful” and “amazing.” natnav_ is a talented artist, and their cross-stitch is a great way to show their love for the game.

Here are some of the comments from other Stardew Valley fans on Reddit:

  • “This is incredible! I love the detail you put into it.”
  • “This is so beautiful! I’m definitely going to have to try this myself.”
  • “You are so talented! This is amazing work.”

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