Starfield Copies Are In The Wild And Gameplay Has Leaked, So Watch Out For Spoilers

Copies of Starfield have been spotted in the wild, and some people have already posted gameplay footage online. Bethesda has been taking action to remove the leaked footage, but it’s possible that some spoilers have already made their way onto the internet.

If you’re trying to avoid spoilers for Starfield, I would recommend staying off social media and gaming forums for the next few weeks. You should also be careful about what you click on in your email or in online articles.

Starfield is a highly anticipated game, so it’s no surprise that people are eager to get their hands on it. However, it’s important to respect the wishes of the developers and avoid spoiling the game for others.

If you do happen to see any spoilers for Starfield, I would recommend just ignoring them. It’s better to go into the game blind and experience it for yourself.

Here are some games that are similar to Starfield that you can play to tide you over until the game’s release:

  • Mass Effect
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Outer Worlds
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Elite Dangerous

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