Starfield Gets an Update Before It’s Even Out

Bethesda has released a day-one update for Starfield, even before its official release. The update, which is 13.4GB on PC and 15.5GB on Xbox Series X/S, is said to address high-priority bugs and improve performance.

The update is currently available for players who have pre-ordered the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of the game. It will be available for everyone else on September 1, when Starfield enters early access for those who have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

This is not the first time that Bethesda has released a day-one update for one of its games. Fallout 4, for example, received a 10GB update on its release day. However, it is unusual for a game to receive an update so close to its release.

It is possible that Bethesda is releasing this update to address any last-minute bugs that were discovered in the game’s final testing. It is also possible that they are simply taking advantage of the opportunity to get the game’s day-one patch out early, so that players can start playing as soon as possible.

Whatever the reason, it is a good sign that Bethesda is taking the time to make sure that Starfield is as bug-free as possible on its release day. This is especially important for a game that has been in development for so long and has such high expectations.

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