Starfield’s VASCO Getting Its Own Adorable Funko Pop

VASCO, the expeditionary robot companion from the upcoming video game Starfield, is getting its own Funko Pop. The figure is a limited-edition exclusive to the Xbox Gear Shop and is available for preorder now. It is scheduled to ship in February 2024.

The Funko Pop captures VASCO’s unique design, with its white, red, and yellow paint scheme and bipedal chassis. It also features VASCO’s signature eye, which is always watching. The figure is sure to be a hit with fans of Starfield and Funko Pop collectors alike.

VASCO is a playable companion in Starfield. It is a “standard type-8 bipedal chassis” that can carry all of a player’s survival gear. Primarily a peaceful assistant, VASCO can defend players as a last resort if necessary.

The Starfield Funko Pop is not the first time that a video game character has been turned into a Funko Pop. Funko has released figures based on characters from a wide variety of games, including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and Overwatch.

The Starfield Funko Pop is sure to be a popular item among fans of the game. It is a limited-edition figure, so fans who want to get their hands on one will need to act fast.

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