Strange Apex Legends Bug Causes Player to Die During Tournament

A strange bug in Apex Legends caused a player to die during a tournament. The bug happened during the ALGS Championship Series, a major Apex Legends tournament. The player, who was using the legend Pathfinder, was grappled to a zipline when the bug occurred. The player was then stuck in the air and unable to move. They were eventually killed by the storm.

The bug is not yet fully understood, but it is believed to be caused by a collision between the Pathfinder’s grapple and the zipline. Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Apex Legends, is aware of the bug and is working on a fix.

This is not the first time that a bug has caused a player to die in Apex Legends. In January 2023, a bug caused players to be stuck in the air after being revived. Respawn Entertainment quickly fixed that bug.

It is important to note that this bug is not widespread. It is only a few players who have experienced it. However, it is still a serious bug that can have a major impact on players’ games. Respawn Entertainment is working to fix the bug as soon as possible.

In the meantime, players should be aware of the bug and avoid using Pathfinder’s grapple on ziplines. If they do experience the bug, they should report it to Respawn Entertainment so that they can fix it as quickly as possible.

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