Streamer Hydra Asks Twitch to Unban Him

Twitch streamer HydraSZN has asked the platform to lift his recent permanent ban. He was banned on August 22, 2023, after making an offensive joke about the Holocaust. In a tweet, Hydra acknowledged his mistake and said that he deserved the ban. However, he also asked Twitch to reconsider, saying that he had learned from his mistake and would not make the same joke again.

Hydra had over 20,000 followers on Twitch before his ban. He was primarily known in the Fortnite community. In the absence of an unban, Hydra has said that he plans to move to Twitch competitor Kick, which offers better revenue splits but has faced criticism for security issues and its association with gambling platforms.

It is up to Twitch to decide whether or not to unban Hydra. The company has a policy of not discussing individual bans, so it is unclear what their decision will be. However, Hydra’s case is likely to be reviewed carefully, as it involves a sensitive topic.

If Twitch does decide to unban Hydra, it will be a decision that is met with mixed reactions. Some people will believe that he has learned his lesson and deserves a second chance. Others will believe that the ban was justified and that he should not be allowed back on the platform.

Only time will tell what Twitch’s decision will be. However, Hydra’s case is a reminder that streamers need to be careful about what they say and do on their streams. Even a single offensive joke can lead to a permanent ban.

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