Street Fighter 6 Confirms A.K.I. Release Date

Street Fighter 6 has confirmed the release date for A.K.I. She will be released on September 27, 2023. She is the second DLC character for the game, following Rashid, who was released in July.

A.K.I. is a new character to the Street Fighter series. She is a member of the Shadaloo organization and is a master of poison. She uses her poison to attack her opponents, both up close and at a distance. She also has a variety of strange movement abilities, which allow her to move around the stage in unexpected ways.

A.K.I. is a very unique character and she is sure to shake up the competitive landscape of Street Fighter 6. She is a strong character with a lot of potential, and she is sure to be a popular choice among players.

If you are interested in playing A.K.I., you can purchase her as part of the Year 1 Character Pass, or you can purchase her separately. The Year 1 Character Pass also includes five other DLC characters, so it is a good value if you plan on playing Street Fighter 6 for a long time.

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