Super Mario Bros. Wonder Lets Mario Turn Into a Goomba

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Mario can transform into a Goomba by touching a Wonder Flower. This transformation will give Mario the ability to walk through enemies and obstacles that would normally harm him. However, he will also be vulnerable to being stomped by enemies.

The Wonder Flower transformation is one of many different Wonder Effects that Mario can experience in the game. Other Wonder Effects include creating a stampede of enemies, sending Mario floating through space, or tilting the stage. These Wonder Effects can be used to solve puzzles, reach new areas, or simply have some fun.

The Wonder Flowers are a new addition to the Super Mario series, and they add a new layer of creativity and challenge to the gameplay. They are sure to provide players with hours of fun as they explore the Flower Kingdom and discover all of the secrets that it has to offer.

Here are some of the other Wonder Effects that have been revealed so far:

  • Slithering Pipes: These pipes will move around the stage, making it difficult for Mario to navigate.
  • Tilted Terrain: The ground will tilt in different directions, making it challenging to stay upright.
  • Free Fall: Mario will fall through the air until he hits the ground or touches a platform.
  • Top-Down Perspective: The game will switch to a top-down perspective, giving Mario a new view of the stage.
  • Zero Gravity Space: Mario will float in zero gravity, making it difficult to move around.

These are just a few of the many Wonder Effects that Mario will encounter in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It will be exciting to see what other surprises the game has in store.

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