Super Mario Bros. Wonder Reveals Flower Kingdom Map

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder reveal trailer showed off the Flower Kingdom map, which is made up of seven different worlds:

  • Pipe-Rock Plateau: This is the starting world, and it is full of dinosaurs and grassy plains.
  • Fluff-Puff Peaks: This world is located in the clouds, and it is full of icy levels and fluffy clouds.
  • Shining Falls: This world is full of water and swimming, and it is home to a giant waterfall.
  • Petal Isles: This world is made up of several islands, and it is home to a variety of different environments, including a desert, a forest, and a magma world.
  • Wonderland: This world is full of strange and whimsical creatures, and it is home to the Wonder Flower, the game’s signature power-up.
  • Bowser’s Castle: This is the final world, and it is where Mario must face Bowser to save the Flower Kingdom.
  • Secret World: This world is hidden, and it can only be accessed by completing certain tasks in the other worlds.

The Flower Kingdom map is also full of open areas that can be freely explored, and players can even choose to do the courses in any order they want. This gives players a lot of freedom to explore the world and find their own way to Bowser’s Castle.

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder Flower Kingdom map is a colorful and vibrant world that is full of new and exciting challenges.

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