The developers of Elden Ring are working on a new game called “Project Overdose

According to industry insider Tom Henderson, Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions is working on a new game called “Project Overdose”. The game is said to be a horror game starring Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in Death Stranding. It is also said to be playable in both first-person and third-person, and that it can be controlled via mobile, which may be where Microsoft’s cloud technology comes into play.

The game was leaked in November 2022, when a short video of gameplay was posted online. The video showed Qualley’s character exploring a dark, seemingly abandoned building. The video ended with a jump scare, followed by a title card that read “A Hideo Kojima Game… Overdose.”

Kojima Productions has not yet officially announced Project Overdose, but Henderson claims that the game is real and that it is being developed for Xbox consoles and PC. He also claims that the game is scheduled to be released in 2023.

It is still too early to say much about Project Overdose, but it is certainly an exciting prospect. Hideo Kojima is one of the most acclaimed game developers in the world, and his games are known for their innovative gameplay and storytelling. Project Overdose has the potential to be a truly groundbreaking horror game.

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