The Future Of Destiny 2 Retires Its Seasons For Something Totally New And Different

Bungie has announced that it will be retiring the seasonal model for Destiny 2 after the Witch Queen expansion. The new model, which is still under development, will be called “The World of Destiny” and will focus on creating a more persistent and evolving world for players to explore.

The seasonal model was introduced in Destiny 2 in 2017. It involved releasing a new season every three months, each with its own story, activities, and rewards. The seasons were designed to keep players engaged and coming back for more.

However, Bungie has said that the seasonal model has become too restrictive and that it is not allowing the team to create the kind of content that they want to create. The new World of Destiny model will be more flexible and will allow Bungie to create content that is more connected and cohesive.

Bungie has not yet revealed many details about the World of Destiny model, but it has said that it will involve a new approach to storytelling, activities, and rewards. The team is also working on a new way to introduce new content to the game, which will be less disruptive than the seasonal model.

The World of Destiny model is still under development, but it is shaping up to be a major change for Destiny 2. It is a sign that Bungie is committed to evolving the game and creating a better experience for players.

Here are some of the things that Bungie has said about the World of Destiny model:

  • It will be a more persistent world, with activities and events that are always happening.
  • It will be more connected, with stories and characters that are interwoven.
  • It will be more rewarding, with new ways to earn gear and cosmetics.
  • It will be more flexible, with Bungie able to create content more quickly and easily.

The World of Destiny model is still a work in progress, but it is clear that Bungie is excited about it. It is a sign that the team is committed to evolving the game and creating a better experience for players.

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