The Xbox Series X/S has now sold over 20 million units worldwide.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series X|S has now sold over 21 million units worldwide. The consoles were released in November 2020, and they have been well-received by critics and gamers alike.

The Xbox Series X|S are the first consoles from Microsoft to support ray tracing, which is a technology that creates realistic lighting and shadows in games. The consoles also have faster processors and more memory than their predecessors, which allows them to run games at higher resolutions and frame rates.

The Xbox Series X|S are still behind the PlayStation 5 in terms of sales, but they are catching up. Microsoft has been aggressive in its marketing of the consoles, and it has also made a number of exclusive games available for them, such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5.

Xbox Series X|S has the potential to be very successful consoles. They are well-made and powerful, and they have a great lineup of games. Expect them to continue to sell well in the years to come.

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