Turbo Chicken Simulator – Official Announcement Trailer

The Turbo Chicken Simulator – Official Announcement Trailer was released on August 24, 2023, at Gamescom 2023. The trailer shows off the game’s open-world environment, its wacky physics, and its egg-slinging combat. Players can customize their chicken’s appearance and abilities, and they can even team up with other chickens to take on the evil Foxslav the 69th.

The game is being developed by Balkanware and is scheduled to release for PC at a later date.

Here are some of the key features of Turbo Chicken Simulator:

  • Open-world environment: Explore a vast and colorful world, from the lush forests of Cluckingham Isle to the snowy peaks of the Chicken Mountains.
  • Wacky physics: Use your chicken’s unique abilities to navigate the world, such as flapping your wings to fly or laying explosive eggs.
  • Egg-slinging combat: Take down your enemies with your chicken’s powerful egg-slinging abilities.
  • Customization: Customize your chicken’s appearance and abilities to create the ultimate poultry powerhouse.
  • Co-op multiplayer: Team up with other chickens to take on the challenges of Cluckingham Isle.

Turbo Chicken Simulator looks like a fun and wacky game that will appeal to fans of open-world action-adventure games and physics-based games.

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