Twitch Streamer Erobb Rages at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Viral Clip

The viral clip of Twitch streamer Erobb raging at Super Smash Bros is attempting to win four consecutive games online with Lucina. He is unsuccessful, and after losing the fourth game, he throws his controller and destroys his stream setup.

The clip has been viewed millions of times, and it has been met with mixed reactions. Some viewers have found Erobb’s reaction to be funny, while others have criticized him for being too over-reactive.

Erobb has since apologized for his outburst, and he has said that he is working on controlling his temper. He has also said that he will be taking a break from streaming for a few days.

It is understandable that Erobb would be frustrated after losing four consecutive games. However, his reaction was definitely excessive. It is important to remember that it is just a game, and that there is no need to get so angry.

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