Twitch Streamer Locks Himself in Closet for 3 Days

A Twitch streamer named IZIDORE locked himself in a closet for 3 days on August 28, 2023. He allowed viewers to pay for various torments, such as flashbangs, a leaf blower, and eggs being thrown at him by his girlfriend June. He also had a makeshift sleeping area, but it was taken away after viewers hit a donation goal.

IZIDORE ended the ordeal prematurely at around the 25-hour mark, due to physical and emotional discomfort. He said that he was feeling claustrophobic and anxious, and that he was also worried about the impact the challenge was having on his mental health.

The challenge was met with mixed reactions from viewers. Some people thought it was a harmless way to raise money for charity, while others thought it was cruel and exploitative. IZIDORE has said that he regrets doing the challenge, and that he would not do it again.

The “three days in a dark closet” challenge is not the first time that a Twitch streamer has put themselves through a dangerous or uncomfortable challenge for the sake of views. In recent years, there have been a number of similar challenges, such as the “24-hour plank challenge” and the “ice bucket challenge.”

These challenges raise ethical questions about the lengths that streamers are willing to go to for attention and money. It is important to remember that these challenges can have a negative impact on the streamer’s physical and mental health. If you are considering doing a challenge like this, it is important to think carefully about the risks involved.

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