Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1

Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 is a single-player third-person puzzle adventure game developed by Flaming Llama Games and Gammera Nest. It was released on November 23, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

The game is set in the Hexacells facilities, a secret laboratory that investigates children with supernatural powers. The player controls Rafi, a young boy with the power of telekinesis, and Sam, a girl who can teleport. Together, they must collaborate to solve puzzles and escape from Hexacells.

The game features a variety of puzzles that require the player to use both Rafi and Sam’s powers in creative ways. For example, the player might need to use Rafi to move objects out of the way so that Sam can teleport to them, or use Sam to teleport Rafi to a high ledge so that he can reach a puzzle item.

The game also has a strong focus on atmosphere. The Hexacells facilities are a dark and creepy place, and the game does a good job of creating a sense of tension and suspense. The player will often feel like they are being watched, and there are a few jump scares scattered throughout the game.

Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 is a well-made and enjoyable puzzle adventure game. The puzzles are challenging but fair, the atmosphere is creepy and suspenseful, and the characters are likable. If you are a fan of puzzle games or adventure games, then I would definitely recommend checking out Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1.

Here are some reviews of Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1:

  • “A well-made and enjoyable puzzle adventure game with a strong focus on atmosphere.” – IGN
  • “A clever and challenging puzzle game with a lot of heart.” – GameSpot
  • “A dark and suspenseful adventure that will keep you guessing until the very end.” – PCMag

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