Universe for Sale – Official Environment Trailer | gamescom 2023

The Universe for Sale – Official Environment Trailer released at gamescom 2023 gives us a glimpse of the game’s unique hand-drawn art style and its atmospheric sci-fi world. The trailer takes us to a space station nestled in the clouds of Jupiter, where we see a bizarre bazaar where a young, worried woman crafts entire universes in the palm of her hand. We also see a mysterious cultist who’s stripped the flesh from his bones in order to reach enlightenment.

The trailer doesn’t give us much information about the game’s story, but it does leave us with a lot of questions. What is this place? Who are these people? And what is the significance of the universe for sale?

We’ll have to wait until Universe for Sale is released later this year to find out the answers to these questions. But in the meantime, the trailer has certainly piqued our curiosity.

Here are some of the things we can learn from the trailer:

  • The game is set in a sci-fi world that is both beautiful and strange.
  • The art style is hand-drawn, which gives the game a unique look and feel.
  • The game will feature a variety of environments, from the bustling bazaar to the dark and mysterious cultist’s lair.
  • The game will have a strong narrative focus, with plenty of puzzles and secrets to unravel.
  • The game is scheduled to be released for PC in 2023.

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