We Stay Behind – Official Gameplay Teaser Trailer (2022)

We Stay Behind is an upcoming interactive third-person mystery short story game about repressed trauma and buried secrets. The game is set in the small town of Laburnum Creek, which is on the path of a comet that will destroy it in a matter of days. Renowned writer Laura Tanner visits the town to interview several inhabitants who are refusing to leave. As Laura explores the town, she begins to uncover dark secrets that have been buried for years.

The gameplay trailer for We Stay Behind gives us a glimpse of the game’s eerie atmosphere and its focus on exploration and storytelling. We see Laura exploring the town, talking to its inhabitants, and uncovering clues about the town’s dark past. The trailer also hints at the game’s supernatural elements, as Laura encounters strange visions and encounters.

We Stay Behind is scheduled to be released in 2023. If you are a fan of mystery games with a strong focus on atmosphere and storytelling, then We Stay Behind is definitely one to watch out for.

Here are some additional details about We Stay Behind that were not mentioned in the trailer:

  • The game will feature a branching narrative, with different choices leading to different outcomes.
  • Players will be able to interact with the environment and solve puzzles to progress through the game.
  • There will be a variety of characters to meet and interact with, each with their own secrets to uncover.
  • We Stay Behind is a single-player game with no multiplayer mode.

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