Wonder Woman 3 Is Not Happening, At Least Not Yet – Report

According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman 3 is not happening at the moment, at least not yet. The report cites creative differences between Warner Bros. and director Patty Jenkins as the reason for the delay.

Jenkins had been developing a script for Wonder Woman 3 for some time, but it seems that Warner Bros. was not happy with the direction she was taking the story. The studio reportedly wanted to make the film more action-packed and less focused on Diana’s character development. Jenkins, on the other hand, wanted to make a film that was more personal and character-driven.

As a result of these creative differences, the project has been put on hold indefinitely. It’s possible that Wonder Woman 3 could still happen eventually, but it’s unclear when or if that will be the case. In the meantime, Jenkins is said to be developing another project for Warner Bros., which could be a potential replacement for Wonder Woman 3.

It’s disappointing to hear that Wonder Woman 3 is not happening at the moment, especially after the success of the first two films. However, it’s important to remember that creative differences are not uncommon in Hollywood, and they can often lead to delays or even cancellations of projects. Hopefully, Jenkins and Warner Bros. will be able to come to an agreement and get Wonder Woman 3 back on track soon.

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