World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Player Wins Duel to the Death With Hilarious Trick

A World of Warcraft Classic hardcore player named Asmongold won a duel to the death with a hilarious trick. Hardcore characters in World of Warcraft are unable to resurrect after they die, so losing a duel means losing the character permanently.

Asmongold was dueling another player named Esfand, and he was losing. He knew that if he died, he would lose his character, so he decided to try something risky. He feigned death by using the “/dead” chat command. Esfand, thinking that Asmongold was actually dead, stopped attacking him. Asmongold then used the “/rise” chat command to revive himself and attack Esfand, who was caught off guard. Asmongold won the duel, and Esfand lost his character.

This trick is known as the “/dead exploit” and it is considered to be a form of cheating. However, Asmongold argued that he was not cheating because he was not using any third-party software. He simply used the game’s chat commands in a creative way.

Whether or not Asmongold’s actions were considered to be cheating, there is no doubt that it was a hilarious trick. It is a reminder that even in a game as serious as World of Warcraft, there is still room for humor.

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