World of Warcraft Extends Kalimdor Dragonriding Event Duration

The Kalimdor Cup Dragonriding event in World of Warcraft has been extended by an additional week. The event was originally supposed to end on August 28, but it has now been extended to September 4. This means that players have an extra week to compete in the 16 races across Kalimdor and earn rewards such as mounts, pets, and transmogrification items.

The Kalimdor Cup is a great opportunity for players to practice their dragonriding skills and earn some cool rewards. If you haven’t had a chance to participate yet, I encourage you to do so before the event ends.

Here are the details of the event:

  • The event takes place in Kalimdor and features 16 races.
  • Players can compete in the races solo or with a group of friends.
  • The races are timed, and the fastest players will earn the most points.
  • Players can earn rewards such as mounts, pets, and transmogrification items by participating in the races.
  • The event ends on September 4.

To participate in the Kalimdor Cup, players must first complete the introductory quest “The Kalimdor Cup” from Lorewalker Hansuke in Valdrakken. Once they have completed the quest, they will be able to compete in the races.

The Kalimdor Cup is a fun and challenging event that is a great way to test your dragonriding skills.

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