World of Warcraft Hardcore Character Dies Before Even Starting the Game

It is true that a World of Warcraft Hardcore character died before even starting the game. This happened to a player named GSMan_XVI, who posted about it on the official World of Warcraft subreddit.

In their post, GSMan_XVI explained that they had created an Orc Shaman on a Hardcore realm and had started the character creation process. However, when they clicked the “Create Character” button, the game crashed. When they tried to log back in, they were greeted with a message saying that their character had died.

It is not clear what caused GSMan_XVI’s character to die. It is possible that it was a visual glitch, or it is possible that it was a genuine bug. Whatever the cause, it is a humorous and unfortunate way to lose a Hardcore character.

As a reminder, Hardcore realms in World of Warcraft are a special type of server where death is permanent. If a character dies on a Hardcore realm, it is deleted and the player must start over from scratch. This makes Hardcore realms a very challenging experience, and only the most dedicated players are able to succeed.

The death of GSMan_XVI’s character is a reminder of the risks involved in playing on a Hardcore realm. However, it is also a testament to the dedication of the Hardcore community. Despite the risks, there are many players who enjoy the challenge of playing on these servers.

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