X8 – Official Major Update #2 Trailer

The X8 Major Update #2 trailer introduces the new hero Xero The Cyborg, a high-tech hero who harnesses an arsenal of cutting-edge gadgets and formidable abilities. She has three abilities:

  • Side Flash: Xero fires a blinding flash of light that disorients enemies.
  • Uplink: Xero teleports to a designated location.
  • Full Backup: Xero respawns from a save point.

The trailer also shows improvements to the game’s classic levels, including an updated lighting pass and refined collisions. Additionally, a new custom match mode and over 30 new achievements have been added.

The Major Update #2 is available now for X8 on Steam Early Access.

Here are some additional details about the update:

  • New Hero: Xero The Cyborg
    • Side Flash: Blinds enemies
    • Uplink: Teleports to a designated location
    • Full Backup: Respawns from a save point
  • Updated Levels
    • Updated lighting pass
    • Refined collisions
  • New Custom Match Mode
  • Over 30 New Achievements

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