Your Thrawn Is In Another Galaxy: What Ahsoka’s Quest Could Mean For The Star Wars Franchise

The first two episodes of the Disney+ series Ahsoka have revealed that Grand Admiral Thrawn is not in the known galaxy, but in another galaxy altogether. This is a major development for the Star Wars franchise, and it could have a number of implications.

First, it could mean that the Star Wars universe is much larger than we thought. The known galaxy is vast, but there are billions of other galaxies in the universe. If Thrawn is in another galaxy, it means that there is a whole other world out there that we know nothing about. This could open up the possibility for new stories and characters in the Star Wars universe.

Second, it could mean that Thrawn is more powerful than we thought. He was already a formidable opponent in the known galaxy, but if he is able to travel to another galaxy, it means that he has access to even greater power. This could make him a major threat to the galaxy, and it could require Ahsoka and her allies to go on a dangerous quest to stop him.

Third, it could mean that the Star Wars universe is connected to other universes. The idea of multiple universes is not new to Star Wars, but it has never been explored in this way before. If Thrawn is in another galaxy, it could mean that there are other worlds out there that are connected to the Star Wars universe. This could open up the possibility for crossovers with other franchises, such as Marvel or DC.

Of course, these are just a few of the possibilities. The full implications of Thrawn being in another galaxy will not be known until the rest of Ahsoka is released. However, it is clear that this is a major development that could change the Star Wars franchise forever.

In addition to the implications mentioned above, Ahsoka’s quest for Thrawn could also lead to other discoveries. For example, she may learn more about the Unknown Regions, which is a mysterious region of space that is not well-understood. She may also encounter new alien species and cultures. Ultimately, Ahsoka’s journey is likely to be a long and dangerous one, but it could also be the most important journey of her life.

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